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All companies have a beginning. The INDAL-TEC is at the end of 2001. Antonio Moreno, industrial technician, decided to respond to the needs of Ibiza to have a specialized technical office and professional engineering, building in Santa Eulalia del Rio INDAL-TEC focusing exclusively on the electric and activities.

Today, the company has evolved in all aspects. The current staff has seven professional and technical office has maintained for nearly a decade, the reference category among the most important of Ibiza.

Currently the range of services has been extended to other sectors of engineering, implemented in every project the latest technologies that are advancing the sector along with experience against large-scale actions.

One of the milestones within the work system INDAL-TEC occurs in 2006 when SOTR launches an online tracking service and real-time status of ongoing projects. This tool for large customers led to the introduction of a pioneering service in the Balearic Islands and allows, through access to a private area, meeting time, 365 days a year the actual state of each performance.

Within the philosophy of forward INDAL-TEC continually improving and expanding services in 2009 prompted the establishment, with 50% share-of INPRO-TEC a new office based engineering techniques in San Jose. Currently, both offices are actively involved in many of the great engineering projects of the Balearic Islands, with the main objective the highest standards of quality.


  • D. Antonio Moreno
    Ingeniero Técnico Industrial, especialista en Centrales y Líneas Eléctricas
  • D. Ventura Arcas
    Asistente Técnico en Diseño de instalaciones y actividades
  • D. Luis Ángel Marco
    Asistente y desarrollador de líneas de distribución eléctrica
  • Dña. Pilar Moya Soriano
    Asistente Técnico en Diseño de instalaciones y actividades
  • D. Gerardo De la Cruz Tremosa
  • Dña. Inmaculada Corral Amador
  • Dña. Raquel García Santos
    Colaboración externa en servicios de delineación

Our name

El IndaloIn 1869, Antonio Gongora, discovered in the Cave of the signs of the municipality of Vélez Blanco, a series of Neolithic cave paintings that have been listed as World Heritage.

One of them, which depicts a man with a bow on his head, was soon adopted in the north of the province as a totem and symbol of good luck, under the title Indalo.

However, it was a mid-twentieth century when it enjoyed its greatest prominence, becoming the symbol of the intellectual movement led by Jesus de Perceval. May help the interpretation that these made the painting, with covenant between God and men and mystical rainbow. Clearly much more attractive than the experts have always maintained.

Indalo is currently one of the most representative symbols of the province of Almeria and can be found very commonly in the iconography of their cities.


C/ Mariano Riquer Wallis, 7 1ºB 07840 Sta Eulalia del Rio Ver mapa

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